Over six years ago I launched Age of Majority with a mission to break and crush the myths and stereotypes associated with aging. Ageism continues to be the one main prejudice that is acceptable in society. My goal in starting this new venture was to play, at least a little, part in helping to change how media and individuals of all ages perceive and deal with older adults.

Focusing on helping organizations better understand older adults to market and engage them in meaningful and relevant ways, has taught me a lot about why this growing and highly influential (and wealthy) group of consumers is often overlooked or marketed to in stereotypical ways. We are slowly starting to see a positive shift in efforts and marketing campaigns but, we still have a long way to go.

Five years ago I turned 55 and officially became an Active Ager, which by our definition means that I was now an older adult who was mentally, physically, socially and digitally active despite my age. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have challenges in one of more of those areas of my life, but if I do, I try to overcome any obstacles so that I can live my happiest and healthiest life.

Fast forward to last November when I was asked to do a TEDx Talk to about 350 primarily older adults in Hilton Head, SC. While I love public speaking and have done dozens of keynote presentations to businesses and organizations in a wide variety of industries, this was the first presentation that would be done in front of “my people”. 

The topic I chose was related to The Power of Active Aging – if you make the right choices and take the right actions, getting older can actually be the best part of your life (despite what society would have you believe). The content was highly personal and with my 60th birthday quickly approaching, it made me reflect on my own life and the choices that I would need to make as the clock ticked on.

While I have never met an audience I didn’t like, my TEDx Talk energized me in a way that none of my corporate presentations ever had. The audience was living proof that life can be pretty great as you get older – they were doing the things that they love to do with people that they wanted to be with. And what got them and kept them engaged with me was a confirmation that this is okay. They were tired of all of the stereotypes associated with aging and they had fully embraced all of the wonderful things that can happen as you get older.

I will continue on the mission that I started with Age of Majority as I do think that our efforts can help make a change over time. Our clients and audience are businesses of all sizes, in all categories. The smart ones will see the opportunities and create solutions that will propel them to new heights.

In addition to that work, I wanted to start something that was more personal that would relate to older adults like me who want to live their best lives. Although I don’t have all of the answers by any means, my goal is to share some of my personal experiences so that others like me may be encouraged and motivated to “live the dream” as we get older.

Welcome to my new website and venture. I would love to hear from you with any thoughts and ideas that you think are worth exploring. Feel free to contact me directly at