“I’ve never met an
audience I didn’t like.”

Adults 55 and up will represent 42% of the population by the year 2100.  Our world is getting older and there is no stopping it. Are you prepared to take advantage of this growing and lucrative consumer audience that accounts for over 40% of all consumer spending?

Veteran marketer and thought leader Jeff Weiss is passionate about sharing his expertise on older adults – who they are, what they want, the challenges they face, and how to best engage them.  His presentations inspire and engage audiences – both corporate and individuals of all ages – and uncovers the great opportunities that lie ahead for older adults (and the organizations that want to reach them).

Jeff shares his deep experience in understanding, inspiring and engaging older adults in topics including:

Understanding Older Adults & The Dirty Dozen Myths of Aging

Discover who today’s older adults really are, why they are important, why they are largely being ignored and how The Dirty Dozen Myths of Aging influences our perception of this growing segment of the population.

Educating & Engaging Older Adults

Learn how to best reach, educate and engage older adults in meaningful and relevant ways using the proper traditional channels and digital platforms.

Getting over your FOGO (Fear of Getting Older) – Getting older can be the best part of your life!

Inspired by his TEDx Talk, Jeff motivates audiences with the key pillars that can lead to a longer, healthier and happier life as you get older.

Solving for the Unmet Needs of Older Adults

Discover how the changing functional and emotional needs of older adults presents new opportunities in every industry and category that caters to consumers.

Jeff can also develop customized presentations based on the specific needs of the hosting organization.